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Stephanie Garner is a graduate from a Bachelor of Digital Media at the University of Wollongong. She also holds an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media.


She has worked in different aspects of filmmaking including scriptwriting, pre-production, and post-production. She is interested in exploring the psychological adversities underlying the tension and cohesion of communities.  She works with different mediums and media to bring out the raw emotion and natural empathy of contemporary life through filmmaking. She also likes exploring the expression of emotions and characterisation through the cinematic language and conventions.


Her most recent collaborative work Absence (2017) explores how fickle humans are to the concept of the future, and how we have a more utopic view on the future, where many people who are less fortunate than us, have a more distopic view. Many of her works have tested her ability to create interesting but still entertaining pieces, and they have also allowed her to sharpen her skills in many areas, and has permitted her to engage many group projects, as well as many of her own, self-directed works.


Stephanie looks forward to make contribution in nordic and contemporary noir, as well as making a smooth and easy transition between different genres of film and television.



Selected Works



Absence (2017) Collaborative Installation Work

the page number.jpg

The Page Number (2017) Typological Photograph



Synaesthesia (2016) Video and Installation Work (8 mins)

Grub: A Sam Spade Story (2016) Short Film (4 mins)



Fountaindale Gothic (2015) Short Film (3 mins)

The Southern Highlands (2015) Satirical Advertisement (1 Min)


Other Works








- Untitled Short film (pre-production, scriptwriting)

- Exchanging Souls [short film] (pre- production, post-production and script)
- Parks and Innovation [short film] (camera work, post-production, sound)
- X-Files Whack a Mole [animation] 
Hamilton Stage [Animation]